Project Description

Project Brief

Ferry Lane Primary School really needed a new website, as the old one was falling short in many areas and certainly wasn’t meeting Ofsted standards. They wanted a site that really showed off the school, had lots of images and would be easy for teachers to up date news stories and blogs.

Web Shot

Web Shot

Final Design Samples


We knew what we needed to do in terms of bringing the website up to date for Ofsted but we also had to make sure the design reflected the school and was easy for the teachers to update in terms of news stories and events.

We used WordPress as we know we can create great sites that are easy to use.  After deciding on the design we then set about getting everything in place.  We created the main structure of the site using dummy text and dummy images so that they could see how it all looks and made it easy to then just replace the images and text with new content.  It also helped to be able to visually see where everything sits.

We used our project management system called Basecamp so were always able to keep track of all the elements and create to do lists for the team at Ferry Lane and for our Team.

Planning 100%
Design 100%
Web Build 100%
Wordpress 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We always start our new web builds by presenting 3 ideas to the client. We then discuss the benefits of each one and await feedback before we begin anything

Drafts & Revisions

As soon as a style has been chosen we work on the site straight away. We know the element that need to be in place for Ofsted so we work on getting that ready as well as the bones of the site. Once this has been done we then present the website to the client and begin working on the actual content. The content can be difficult at times but we have lot of knowledge about what is needed so we can help you with this.

Final Delivery

We always work on a site until you are happy, so sometimes there may need to be a few tweaks here and there until everything is right. All the hard work is worth it though when you the final result goes live!

View The Site

Final Results

The final result has really lifted the school and everyone is really pleased with the final results. The first comments about the site were “This is the best school website I have ever seen”, so that’s a pretty good start. The key contact at the school and the IT person had a morning of training so that they knew how to update the blogs and then they will share the knowledge with the rest of the teachers. They now have an Ofsted ready website and are busy updating the blogs! You can view it here or click on the image to the right to see the video. Hope you enjoy it!

Ferry Lane School Web Site

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