Project Description

Project Brief – Education Centre Promo Film

Brief: We were asked again by the University of Birmingham to help Produce a new film for the Jubilee Centre. We had previously delivered a video a year before called Leavers and now they wanted something new that would explain Character.

Challenges: The brief was loose at this stage as it was our job was to essentially create the concept for the film. The Jubilee Centre, based in Birmingham, has already created a number of films about Character and what it is so we knew after much research that we wanted to produce something that was totally different from what they had before.

School Video

School Video

The Final Film

The Process

Process: The process for this project was extremely important as was the understanding from the client that creating a video of this sort has a creative process, which must be followed. Luckily we were all on the same page as we all wanted to create something much greater than expected. We began by researching. Researching Character, researching other influential films such as those made by Nike. We looked at different actors to use and we brought in writers to help develop the idea.

Pre Production 100%
Filming 100%
Final Cut Pro 100%
Editing 100%
School Video Services

Initial Concept Planning

In order to produce this video we had to spend a lot of time planning how we would shoot everything. We worked alongside the school to ensure all the timings were correct and from there we could have a better idea of when we could film everything.

Drafts & Revisions

The way we approach filming the school promos is to work with the school and come up with a shooting schedule, rather than just turn up on the day and hope for the best. By having a schedule in place it means we can also make quick decisions should things need changing as they invariably do.

Final Delivery

As with all our other videos we were able to discuss ideas beforehand so we knew what sort for style they wanted to go for. We were also able to work on shooting schedule, which meant we could avoid disrupting the lessons as much as possible and arrange interviews in between lesson times.

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Final Results

Solution: The final result is a narrative showing how an actor gets into Character. He talks us through his process and how character reveals itself to an audience. The result has been received really well and summed up perfectly by the client “we could have sat around a table for months and still never come up with a great concept like this”

Thank you: Man in a Hat Productions – Ceridwen Tallett – Creative Media – Jubilee Centre – Nick Whitfield – Andrew Buckley and all the amazing crew who helped us achieve a great little film!

View the Final Video Here


Feedback has been really positive and there have been a few tears shed when people have watched the video, which is always a good sign in our books. The video has worked really well on social media, with viewing figures via Facebook and Twitter rising by 170%.  The Tv Advert is below so have a look and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Share it and pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested in the school.

You can view the school here: Kimichi School