Project Description

Project Brief

Tip Top Tim is a Education App designed by teachers to offer your child the opportunity to read 100 common words through play. The games are varied and engaging with colourful illustrations.

The Tip Top App had been half built by a previous App builder and so we were asked to come in an help as the app needed finishing as there was still quite a way to go.

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We love working on Education Apps but sadly due to the way in which this app had been built by the previous company it meant that nothing was in place should the operating system need updating. This meant that as the next version of iOS was about to be released then the way it had been built would have essentially make the app redundant. So we had to essentially build the app again from scratch putting in place the proper code and system, which will allow the app to grow with the ever updating iOS updates.

We tackled the app level by level, by again using our online project management system to ensure the feedback and updates were all tracked as we went along.

Planning 100%
Design 100%
App Build 100%
Art Skills 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We always start our new educational app builds by presenting 3 ideas to the client. We then discuss the benefits of each one and await feedback before we begin anything

Drafts & Revisions

As apps tend to be quite complicated it is really important to be in constant communication with the client. We produce demos of the levels as we work through them so that the client is able to test the work as we progress. The client then gets to provide instant feedback so that we can makes changes if needed at that point of the project.

Final Delivery

As we get close to the launch, things can get really exciting and nervous as your idea which you have had for possibly years is finally about to go live. We test it and test it as well as set up the itunes platform for you and then it’s time for launch! Remember however the app doesn’t just sell itself so we then work on helping you to get it out there to more and more people by using Social Media avenues as well as ensuring your website is built and looking amazing!

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Final Results

We are really pleased that this Education App is finally live and on iTunes. The app is a perfect learning tool for kids learning to read. Here is some info about the app from iTunes. You can download it from here: Tip Top Tim on iTunes

The words are introduced five at a time to enable your child to learn them thoroughly before moving on to the next section. You can assess your child’s progress after every five words. There are ten words in each level.

The first game ‘Order’ introduces the words to the child in a sentence. The child is invited to put words into a sentence so they are reading for meaning. The other games offer fun activities to read and learn the five new words.

To help your child learn it may help to:

Play each level several times
Leave time before progressing onto the next level
Keep it fun. If a level is too hard come back to it later

Come and meet Tim, his Mum and Dad and his teddy. Tim likes going to the park, playing with his ball, making cakes and lots more!

Tip Top Education App

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