Project Description

Project Brief

We were asked to create a brand new website for John Perry Primary School.  The old website had a lot of limitations and didn’t really fit the ethos of the school so they needed something fresh and modern to showcase what they do.

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Final Design Samples


Prior to building and designing the website we sat down with the senior leaders of John Perry Primary School and went through a variety of options.  We discussed the main things that they wanted and how they would like the site to be run in the future.

We provided 4 different designs and pricing options and they chose the one that suited them best.  They went with our digital package that included photography as well as building the website.  This really helped as we were able to ensure that the photos we took would fit the site perfectly and really lift it to another level.

We had a tight deadline for this design and build so we had to make sure it was up and live within 4 weeks.  We worked really well with the main school contact and with the help of our project management system it meant we were ready to go live on time.  The site then continued to build and grow as they asked us to help maintain the site as well so that the site is always up to date and ready for any Ofsted inspection.

Planning 100%
Design 100%
Web Build 100%
Wordpress 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We always start our new web builds by presenting 3 ideas to the client. We then discuss the benefits of each one and await feedback before we begin anything

Drafts & Revisions

As soon as a style has been chosen we work on the site straight away. We know the elements that need to be in place for Ofsted so we work on getting that ready as well as the main bones of the site. Once this has been done we then present the website to the client and begin working on the actual content. The content can seem daunting at times but we have lot of knowledge about what is needed so we can help you with this.

Final Delivery

We always work on a site until you are happy, so sometimes there may need to be a few tweaks here and there until everything is right. All the hard work is worth it though when you the final result goes live!

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Final Results

We have been really pleased with the over all look and feel of the school website.  The design, colours and images all help to really showcase the school in just the way we wanted.  However the main thing is that the school, teachers and pupils, love the website too.  Teachers can now easily update the class blog and help to inform parents as to what is going on plus pupils can now leave positive comments about the things they liked that day.

John perry Primary School Web Site

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