Project Description

Project Brief

Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust came to us looking for a different kind of website that wouldn’t have the normal school design but rather something that sets it apart from the norm.  They were also looking for help with their whole digital brand so we were asked to also design a new logo, take photographs and produce a video.

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Final Design Samples


As with every job that we undertake we ensure that we sit with the senior leaders and get a real understanding of what is needed for the project.  This particular project had many aspects to it and each one had to fit perfectly.  Once the branding was created we could then look at the design of the website in more detail.

We knew that Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust didn’t want a school website as such but instead wanted something that would describe their ethos and showcase why other schools/teachers should think about joining them.

This gave us a real sense of creative freedom so we were able to produce something that was very colourful as well as giving us a chance to showcase some of the photos that we were also asked to take for the school.

Planning 100%
Design 100%
Web Build 100%
Wordpress 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We always start our new web builds by presenting 3 ideas to the client. We then discuss the benefits of each one and await feedback before we begin anything

Drafts & Revisions

As soon as a style has been chosen we work on the site straight away. We know the elements that need to be in place for Ofsted so we work on getting that ready as well as the main bones of the site. Once this has been done we then present the website to the client and begin working on the actual content. The content can seem daunting at times but we have lot of knowledge about what is needed so we can help you with this.

Final Delivery

We always work on a site until you are happy, so sometimes there may need to be a few tweaks here and there until everything is right. All the hard work is worth it though when you the final result goes live!

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Final Results

The final result really looks great and sets the academy apart from any others out there.  It showcases how creative and inspiring they are and once we have finalised the video it will really help to further push the message.  We are also maintaining the site each month so this allows us to keep the content fresh and up to date from each of the academies.  Feedback has been really positive and we look forward to seeing more people join this exciting Academy in Birmingham!

Robin Hood MAT School Web Site

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