By now pretty much all schools are more than aware of the importance of abiding by the Ofsted rules and regulations. Before they even set foot in the school they will have done their background work and of course that will involve getting a feel for your school. They will want to see how you present yourself to the community and everyone involved. The place they will go to view that is your website of course!

So apart from all the information that they can get from government sources, which they will expect on your site too, they will seek to get as much information as they can from your existing website. They will want to see policies, Pupil Premiums and much much more so it’s essential to ensure everything is on your website. When they do walk through your door isn’t it better knowing that their first impression will be positive and that the first thing you don’t have to say is “sorry about the website but…”?

We try to put ourselves in the shoes of the inspectors. So, they have a lot of schools to go and see and each one will have background work needed. Are they going to want to trawl through various website pages trying to get information about a particular school? Would they prefer to be able to get to the information straight away in just a couple of clicks on the mouse button? With this in mind we build the school websites knowing that we need to be showing all the mandatory information (Pupil Premium, Curriculum, Policies etc), that they see photos of members of staff and will be able to find the contact details easily. Those are just the basic parts but straight away it makes a huge difference to the inspector.

We have adapted the Ofsted Website Checklist from the DfE website and you can download it from the link below to keep and use for your school.

View the report here: Ofsted Ready School Website Check List 25th October  2018

Sit down and take some time to review your current site. Does it have what it takes to pass your next Ofsted inspection? If not, now’s the time to make those changes!

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