So you are about to commission a company to make your school video but before you do, just go through this quick top 10 things to think about then everything should go perfectly!

1. Number one might seem pretty obvious but can often be neglected. What do you want to achieve from your school video?

2. Who are the audience. Are you looking to appeal to teachers who you might want to work there or is it to encourage school children to apply?

3. What are your key messages?

4. What key shots and locations would you like to show? Have you got a new facility that you want to show off or is there an area where your school work looks amazing?

5. Is there a visual theme? Have you got brand colours or a logo, which needs to be shown in the video?


School Interview with a Pupil

School Interview with a Pupil


6. Do you need consent to film specific people? This is really important to know prior to filming. It may be that the shoot would need to take place again if various people haven’t given consent and are in lots of shots.

7. Are potential filming locations accessible? Can the video team actually reach all the areas you’d like to film, as sometimes there can be a lot of equipment

8. Will teachers be available to talk on camera or will they need to rush back to class? It’s important for everyone to not feel rushed when they sit in front of the camera so try to ensure they aren’t just being squeezed in.


School Interview with a Teacher

School Interview with a Teacher

9. Does the school do anything exciting other than getting great grades for Maths and English? Often it’s the extra curricular elements that can really sell a school so shout about them and don’t be shy!

10. Enjoy it! The point of making the film is to celebrate all that is great about the school so it shouldn’t be a horrible or stressful experience in any way!


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